Oil Spill Cleaning and Rescue Solutions

OCRS bv is a Dutch technological, innovative start-up company, coached by the TU Delft University Business Incubator: Yes Delft. The OCRS team of senior German, Dutch and Flemish managers developed a gamechanging solution. It is a patent-protected solution to effectively clean surfaces after an oil spill. The OCRS solution is a non toxic absorbant sprayed on surfaces or on water and forming a sponge, a carpet which captures the oil … all oil. After which the carpet is recovered from the surface/water. Carpet and oil are then separated and fully recycable. The OCRS solution is designed for (yacht)harbours, rivers, inland waters and offshore areas. Further testing will confirm the applicability on ice, brackish and swampy surfaces, rocks, concrete floors and to remove sludge from tanks. OCRS will provide knowledge, operators and standard equipment for civil defense authorities, oil response companies and pollutors. Keep yourself updated on the latest news about the state of affairs of OCRS, its services and R & D.